Top Audio Mixing Software For MAC and PC

There are lots of audio mixing software are available in market. Today i will show you two best audio mixing application that make your work more easy and reliable. So let’s jump to these application and read about them in details.

Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition CC: Adobe Audition CC is the best all-around audio editor on the market in 2019. Adobe Audition CC is the Big Daddy of audio editors. Adobe Audition is no one not just because you can zoom in and really get laser accurate with your audio editing in the waveform view but it’s got some great native effects in the effects menu, compressors, echoes, EQs, modulators so much more. Including some rather nice and smooth reverb effect. But that’s not the only thing, that’s not the only reason that Adobe Audition CC is number one in best audio editing software. If you go into the multitrack view it’s a whole new world. You can drag in so many different bits and bobs here and mix together. Your own audio creation using sound effects music and voiceover and of course adding different effects to different tracks. I’ve got many Adobe Audition CC tutorials on youtube so make sure to check out more of them.

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Twisted Wave

Twisted Wave: This audio editor can do much more than just edit waveforms. Twisted wave definitely gets a certifiable bonus mention in the list of best audio editing software out there. Today why well you might not be able to do fancy stuff like multi-tracking but it’s great for manipulating waveforms. I guess that’s why it’s called twisted wave with an audacity like interface and easy to learn tools for playback and record. You will feel at home inside twisted wave, it’s a one-time fee to get this software and it’s not gonna break the bank either but the reason I really wanted to recommend twisted wave to you is because of the save automation. There are some fantastic things you can do inside batch processing for instance. You can add actions such as trimming silences, so if you’ve got silences at the start and end of sound effects or podcasts that can be done on automation but one of my favourite options here with the batch processing is the fact you can export a waveform image. You can edit this and you can make the waveform be the colours you would like it to be the width you would like it to be as well and lots of other really cool stuff so if for whatever reason you need to create an image of your audio file may be to upload to SoundCloud or to a portfolio or an online store that you’re selling the audio at then twisted wave will allow you to export an image of your waveform in my opinion and a killer feature.

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