Top 3 Best FREE Video Players In The World

To play the media stored on your computer you’ll need a reliable media player. If you run the Windows operating system, there are tons of software available. Today I will show you the top 3 media players that you can use on your computer for free.

Media Player Classic

At number three is Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Which is a lightweight and compact media player for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. There are no advertisements which are great for those of you that hate ad-supported software. When you first open media player classic you’ll notice it shares some similarities with the old. Windows Media Player classic doesn’t have many features but does include a large number of built-in codecs to play your video and audio files and also works as a TV tuner, if you have a TV card installed on your computer. If you want to change the look of the player to have several toolbars available that can be installed. Sadly the most recent release of media player classic home cinema in July of 2017 might be the last they’re actively looking for people to contribute to the project in the runner-up spot.

Pot Player

At number two is Pot player. Which is quickly becoming a favourite for a lot of people. It uses techniques like quick sync CUDA and DXVA to deliver maximum performance. It still supports 3d along with various subtitle formats including blue-ray. Most of the popular audio and video codecs are already included and supports open codec to add whatever codecs that you want. Pot player has a great looking user interface and has too many features to list right now. Some of those include 360-degree output 3d video mode pixel shader along with online streaming and blue-ray support. They also include their companion service which has access to live streaming content and videos on demand Pot Player is an excellent media player and for a lot of you out there.

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VLC Media Player

At number one on this countdown is a VLC media player. What makes this player the best is that it’s open source so you’re free to examine the source code in addition to Windows. It’s available for several other platforms including Linux, Android, Mac OS and iOS. So you can use VLC on just about any device without having to switch players. It can play just about everything you throw at it without the need to install additional codecs. In fact, I’ve never gone into a file format that it couldn’t play. It’s also highly customizable you can install extensions at skins or create your own with the VLC skin editor. It has a clean looking interface audio and video files load quickly to VLC also has numerous features that make him the world’s best video player.

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