Things That Made Bentley University Great

First thing I would say to any prospective Bentley parent is that those campus tours are really tough decision-making process. As you look at Bentley there are so many things. They have a great community of students who are really focused on learning and growth and development. Outsiders who look at and say this is a place that’s really up-and-coming that has a lot of value.

One of the places that value to rise from is Bentley’s unique approach to education which it developed before it was cool to integrate business and liberal arts we have a wonderful curriculum that Bentley where one faculty that works together across that boundary Bentley’s location in my mind is a huge strategic advantage we are in the most well-known higher education corridor in the world the great area that we’re in Boston and Broughton. That’s very dense with employment opportunities.

Why Choose Bentley University?

I think the ideal student experience is one where you have a very serene campus where students can be a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of major cities and really interact and have a vibrant student life one of the easiest ways for that to happen is to have a city nearby that’s vibrant that has multiple sectors where students can get internships and Families been really good about taking advantage of it’s also very important especially for business university that our students graduate and enter the world of employment and bellies placement statistics are really second to none over a long period of time if you come to Bentley with a long track record of putting students in very high-quality jobs that are associated with their interests the purpose of this institution is to train students who go out into society and make an impact.

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