Things That Made Bentley University Great

First thing I would say to any prospective Bentley parent is that those campus tours are really tough decision-making process. As you look at Bentley there are so many things. They have a great community of students who are really focused on learning and growth and development. Outsiders who look at and say this is

Codero – The Best Managed Hosting Service Provider

In today’s article, we are showcasing Codero managed hosting which we well and truly believe is one of the best managed hosting services. Out there when it comes to all the different choices that are available now. There’s so much in terms of what is available what is provided to you to the extent that

5 Websites to Watch Movies for Free in 2019

Hey what’s up guys and welcome to Cooli Tech and in today’s article I will be showing you five best websites where you can watch movies for free in 2019. Hope all of this websites work for each of you but before going ahead make sure you have pop-up blocker installed in your browser to

How to get Admission into Harvard Business School

Are you wondering what it takes to get into Harvard Business School? Or for that matter, any top B-school in the world, such as Stanford, or Wharton, or INSEAD, or maybe closer home, ISB? In this article, I am going to tell you three factors that admission committees look for in every applicant. Make sure

The Difference Between WAF and RASP

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about some emerging technologies and the application security space but more specifically trying to help explain a couple of the current cryptic acronyms with and rasp when we talk about application security we often use many technical terms describing the toolsets and it’s easy to forget that application

How To Manage Remediation Activities in RAPID7/InsightVM

Remediation is the reputation of being the most frightening stage and, nevertheless, is the most important in a weakness management program, often associated with extensive reports and rounds of IT e-mail labels. I’m Justin Prince, Senior Security Solution Engineer at Rapid7, and now I will guide you through Rapid7 InsightVM recovery projects, IT ticket system