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Somewhere, maybe right at this very moment, the next technology breakthrough is about to inspire the next generation of minds, thanks, to Keysight Technologies. As a future technologies enabler, Keysight goes where the electronic signal goes, helping to unlock measurement insights at leading technology companies, so they can go from an idea to the marketplace faster and at a lower cost. And business is good. Because technology is changing at an exponential pace. With more demands for more devices. Faster. Longer-lasting. Anywhere. Anytime. Smarter. Connected. Faster. Smaller. Longer-lasting. Anywhere. Anytime. Smarter. Connected. It’s inspiring today’s megatrends, the ideas that the world’s brightest minds are already working on. By quietly partnering with the biggest names in the global technology business, we’re helping to realize these future innovations.

Keysight Technologies

Their top engineers, working side-by-side with our top engineers to overcome ever-increasing electronic design, development, and production challenges. How do we do it? Measurement. Because you can only improve what you can measure. And Keysight has the electronic design, test and services solutions that lead the industry, helping our customers get to market faster. Let’s go back to that classroom. Imagine the potential of using real-time technology to teach and learn. Empowering discussion and ideas across the globe to and from anyone, anywhere. Now let’s say that idea requires a wireless device that’s ten times more capable than current technology. That’s where we get involved. Before that idea can begin to take shape, Keysight is helping make sure it will succeed. Thanks in part to our participation alongside governments and industry leaders in the groups that help create the standards for technologies of tomorrow. We’re involved early which means Keysight can anticipate what will need to change and begin development of design and test solutions while helping to define the new standards.

Keysight Technologies

As a result, our customers have an early advantage because we’ll supply the expertise they need — right when they need it. In the world of R&D, long gone are the days of going straight to a physical prototype. Today, it’s all about software simulation. It saves expensive hardware prototyping cycles, development costs,RTO time,… and no other company is more respected for software solutions than Keysight. In fact, our EEsof electronic design automation software simulates the precise electronic behaviour of the components in a customer’s virtual prototype. It’s the standard used by over 2/3 of the world’s high-frequency electronic designers, empowering customers to confidently “bulletproof” designs long before they’re built. As the physical prototype is made, customers turn to Keysight once again to validate that it works properly in the lab and in a variety of real-world environments.

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These complex tests help prevent losses that technology companies may face if there is an undetected defect hidden in their product. The device is finally ready for mass production. And Keysight is ready to help its customers get the latest, greatest technology into the hands of eager buyers. Tens of millions of units are at stake here. Customers rely on Keysight to keep the line moving with accurate test solutions and tools to help them maintain quality. The result? A bug-free, cost-effective, high-quality product in the hands of people who need it. Faster If there is a signal to be measured, Keysight is there. From satellites to base stations to mobile devices, our job is to ensure the signal is clear, true and reliable. It’s what we do for communications and beyond. Energy. Aerospace and Defense. Computers and Semiconductors. Automotive electronics and safety. Industrial applications. Education and research. In fact, the minds of Keysight have been behind the most important technological breakthroughs of the last century. And today, we offer world-class services along with the broadest design and test portfolio of any company in the world. With our global network of experts, we provide an emerging array of services to accelerate our customers’ business goals, including calibrating multi-vendor test instruments, managing asset portfolios and providing training, consulting and other professional services. Good Morning As a premier future technologies enabler partnering with customers to help them move from design through manufacturing faster and more efficiently operating system, no other electronic design and test company is better poised to help deliver what’s next.

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