DivX Vs Gom Player – Comparison, Reviews & Ratings

DivX and Gom Player, both are best video players, but still there are some difference in between them. DivX is famous for playing all video formats and Gom is known for all video codecs for better quality. So let’s see each and every detail about these players in brief.

DivX Player

The first one is DivX Player, whose primary focus is to be a high-quality video player. They claimed to be the first to offer HEVC playback including Ultra HD and supports most of the popular formats including MKV, Avi, mp4 and of course DivX. It also comes with the ability to stream your content from its player to any DLNA compatible device. Their feature called the trick play, lets you quickly jump to chapter points in your video and contains a media library to keep your stuff organized. It has support for multiple audio to be able to easily switch between soundtracks. There is also a resume play feature built in to quickly get back to the point of the video that you are watching. Now for the cons, it’s ad-supported. So when you open the player you’ll see an ad short videos play just fine but longer form videos like TV shows and movies seem to take longer than other media players to start playing. When installing be careful of the bundled offers in this instance you would need to uncheck the box to avoid installing additional software. The free version of Div X Player comes with most of the key features to get rid of the ads and get access to advanced features. They do offer Div X Pro which is available for around $20 some of those so-called Pro features are available for free with other media players. So one of the others I’ll be showing may work better for you.

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Gom Player

In the number two spot is Gom Player, which comes with support built in for most of the popular video and audio formats. One of its main features includes the ability to play some broken media files, can find missing codex with its codec finder service. Some of its other features include being able to play 360-degree video, playback speed control and have screen capture capabilities. You can also change skins to give the player a whole new look. The Gom remote allows you to connect to other devices this includes all basic functions. Just like the previous player mentioned, when installing they will offer additional software to install also when presented with the choice of express or custom installation select custom and uncheck the options to install ad-aware web companion and the other to set bing as your new home page and default search engine. Gom player has a great looking interface that is easy to use and supports Windows operating systems. Going back to Windows XP I really like this player and it would have been higher on this list. If it didn’t have the additional offers included in their installer thankfully with the rest of the media players coming up in this article. when installing those you won’t have to be on the lookout for additional offers.

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