Best Audio Editing Software (Top Audio Editors for PC and Mac)

Hello there, In this post, I would like to take a look at the two best audio editing software packages in the world right now in 2019. So let’s started with knowing about them in details.


Starting with Audacity, You cannot miss audacity of the list of fantastic audio editing software. Why? because it’s free and it’s so easy to use. Just highlight the waveform delete or move around with the move tool like so you can change the amplitude like so there is just so much that you can do intuitively with audacity, like dragging in other files and creating a multitrack style view. So you can move audio to be in the exact position you would like it to be a pretty easy learning curve. It’s free and easy to use, as well as provide many advanced features to edit your audio.

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Logic Pro

On second place it has to be a that supports MIDI and music creation. If you want to get started with music or you want to create a hit record then Logic Pro is the package for you. If you want to get serious about your music creation then you want to be looking at Logic Pro. Logic Pro has the ability to do MIDI mapping, so you can map all of you MIDI instruments into Logic Pro. You can even delete and create different notes. You can have your own drummers generated algorithmically by Apple’s fantastic Logic Pro algorithms. You can bring in loops from the apple loop packs. There is everything that a music creator could need. So if it’s about creating music and great audio editors Logic Pro is the best option for you.

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