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Train Waited half an hour for Dog at Tatanagar Railway Station

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12889/Tatanagar – Yesvantpur Weekly Superfast Express stood 30 minutes at Tatanagar Railway Station for dog. This sounds very strange, but this created an uproar on Friday Evening. A group of passengers gathered near the guard bogie to know the reason for stopping the train from guard and to see the dog. Here, the dog was not willing to stay away from the owner and onboard to the Luggage bogie.

Later, when the passenger somehow persuaded the dog, there was no space left. Then Train Duty Loco Pilot, Guard and Station Master were worried, how to settle the dog in the Luggage Bogie for half an hour. After putting a lot effort, finally dog onboarded to Luggage. The Signal was later given and train departed, after that Station Master, Guard and Loco Pilot breathed a sigh of relief.

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