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West Central Railway 38 LHB Power Generator Car Equipped with HOG Technology

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Jabalpur: West Central Railway had equipped all its 38 LHB Power Generator car with HOG technology. This will save 34 crore rupees and worth 38 lakh diesel per year. In this regard, Chief Public Relations Officer WCR, Jabalpur Smt. Priyanka Dixit informed that in this technology, power supply in coaches for light, fan and AC in train is done from OHE via Electric loco, which is HOG Equipped.

Now there is no need to run a power car generator in the train and all 15 LHBfied Trains Fleet operated by West Central Railway Rake is now fully HOG and about 34 crore rupees and 38 lakh liters of diesel will be saved every year. This move by Railways will benefit the environment and passengers will get rid from the noise and smoke of diesel locomotives.

25 kV of OHE Electric supply is converted to 750 volts by electric loco and this 750 volts supply power to train from which AC, Light and fans run in the train. As a result, there is no need to run a diesel generator car. A diesel generator consumes about 50 liters of diesel for 1 hour of operation. The old 6 Power generator car did not have this arrangement. Whose modification work was completed and all 38 generator car of West Central Railway have been equipped with HOG Technology.

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