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India’s Most Trusted Train Rajdhani Express Fleet will Run with Push Pull System

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Traveling in India’s most trusted train, Rajdhani Express will be now more comfortable, time saving and safe for passengers. After successful testing of Push Pull System, Railway Board has decided to operate the LHB Coaches train with push-pull system with two engines. A letter regarding this matter has also been issued to East Central Railways. The front and rear engines will be connected to each other with jumper cable. The advantage will be that within a few seconds of starting the train will catch its maximum speed. Travellers will get the benefit of this as a time saving. The operation will not be affected if the main engine malfunction of the train during the journey. At one time the Loco Pilot would be able to control both engines.

Railways had run the train with LHB coaches from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal to Hazrat Nizamuddin station as an experiment through pull – push system. The train reached the destination, 90 minutes less than normal operation. Encouraged by the result, the Ministry of Railways decided to link Rajdhani trains across the country with this system. Rajdhani Express trains with LHB coaches will be equipped with WAP-7 or WAP-5 engines on the front and back. Loco Pilot operating the main engine will be able to control both engine simultaneously, with the use of two engines, the train will catch speed as soon as it starts. Similarly, it will be easy to stop train at the station. Pressure will work from both sides through the system. In the event of changing the engine, the hassle of pressure preparation will be eliminated. If there is any malfunction in the main engine during operation, the crew members will be able to operate from the rear engine. Speed ​​will be partially affected even during altitude climbing. In this way, passengers will be able to reach the destination in a short time and their journey will be also safe. The image of the railway will also improved and people will appreciate railways.

Fleet of Rajdhani Express to be Equipped with Push – Pull System.

12452 New Delhi – Ranchi Rajdhani, 12878 New Delhi – Ranchi Garibrath Express, 20840 New Delhi – Ranchi Rajdhani, 12424 New Delhi – Dibrugarh Rajdhani, 12314 New Delhi – Sealdah Rajdhani Express, 12302 New Delhi – Howrah Rajdhani, 12306 Kolkata Rajdhani, Including 20818 New Delhi – Bhubaneswar Rajdhani, 12310 New Delhi – Rajendra Nagar Rajdhani, 20502 Anand Vihar Terminal – Agartala Rajdhani, 12310 Patna Rajdhani. On the other hand, 12301 Kolkata – New Delhi Rajdhani, 12305 Howrah – New Delhi Kolkata Rajdhani, 12423 Dibrugarh – New Delhi Rajdhani, 12313 Sealdah – New Delhi Rajdhani, 22811 Bhubaneswar – New Delhi Rajdhani, 20817 Bhubaneswar – New Delhi Rajdhani, 22823 Bhubaneswar – New Rajdhani Contains Delhi Rajdhani, 12453 Ranchi – New Delhi Rajdhani, 12877 Ranchi – New Delhi Garibrath Express, 20839 Ranchi – New Delhi Rajdhani, 20501 Agartala – Anand Vihar Terminal Rajdhani.

Regarding this, the Pankaj Saxena of Divisional Railway Manager, Mughalsarai Division said that Rajdhani Express will able to catch the speed immediately and quick braking will also happen. There will be one hour time savings between Howrah to New Delhi. Railway is taking this step to save time and increase speed of trains.

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