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Illegally filling Drinking Water in bottles thrown on Railway Tracks and Platforms

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At Lucknow Charbagh railway station, passengers are being sold water bottle which are garbage and empty bottles thrown on the tracks and platforms. Some special brand bottles are being used like Railneer. The RPF and the station officials have kept their eyes closed.

These Vendors are playing with health of passengers at the station. Due to the negligence of the railway administration, garbage and other brands bottles thrown at the station being collected and sold by filling drinking water illegally. Only certain brands are authorized like Rail Neer at the station and other in moving trains. Despite how this water is being sold? Railway officials claim to be unaware of this.

Bottles thrown by unpaid vendors at the station are collected and sold by filling waters in them with pipes near the rail tracks. From the station to the train, this water is being sold in the presence of RPF, GRP and railway officials. Despite all these activity is going under security, still no action.

The vicious vendor is putting a tape in the bottom of the bottles.This doesn’t makes the complaining of water leaking when bottle is opened. After putting the tape, bottles are being sold in the trains.

In July, 2019 A move to ensure health and well-being of its passengers, Indian Railways has cracked down on unauthorised packaged drinking water (PDW) vendors in trains and Indian Railways premises across India.

The exercise, was named ‘Operation Thirst’, was carried out on 8 and 9 July by the Railways Police Force (RPF). All Zonal Principal Chief Security Commissioners (PCSC) were involved in the operation and the PCSCs are taking the necessary actions on the illegal vendors.

A total of 1371 persons were arrested during the exercise and were charged under sections 144 and 153 of the Railways Act while realising almost Rs 7 lakh in fines. Four Pantry car managers involved in selling the unauthorised PDW brands were also arrested. Stalls on platforms were also found selling packaged drinking water bottle of such brands. Now it’s time to do such raid on Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station.

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