Month: April 2019

Keysight Technologies: Everything You Need To Know About

Somewhere, maybe right at this very moment, the next technology breakthrough is about to inspire the next generation of minds, thanks, to Keysight Technologies. As a future technologies enabler, Keysight goes where the electronic signal goes, helping to unlock measurement insights at leading technology companies, so they can go from an idea to the marketplace

Cylance is Using Mathematics To Protecting Your Computer

Cylance has been able to apply mathematics to the decision-making of good or bad on a computer system. So they’re able to detect and prevent brand new attacks new zero-days advanced persistent threats any new viruses worms Trojans anything that affects an endpoint. They can actually detect it prevent it in real time and all

Top 3 Best FREE Video Players In The World

To play the media stored on your computer you’ll need a reliable media player. If you run the Windows operating system, there are tons of software available. Today I will show you the top 3 media players that you can use on your computer for free. Media Player Classic At number three is Media Player

Top Audio Mixing Software For MAC and PC

There are lots of audio mixing software are available in market. Today i will show you two best audio mixing application that make your work more easy and reliable. So let’s jump to these application and read about them in details. Adobe Audition CC Adobe Audition CC: Adobe Audition CC is the best all-around audio

Flywheel Vs Siteground – Price Comparison and Review

Hello everyone, Welcome to CooliTech. Today we are here with two best hosting service providers. They provide you best and most reliable hosting with many more extra services. People are a little bit confuse between Flywheel and SiteGround. They both provide the same type of services but there’s also a bit difference in them so

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost (2019) Which One is Best

Nearly all web hosting services claim to be able to effectively host your website but which one will actually be the best for you in your website. Well in this article we break down the two best web hosting services on the market. This year we’ll be taking a look at these hosting services within

Top 5 universities in the world (2019)

Today I will talk about the top of five universities in the whole world. The number five is the University of Oxford number two is Caltech number three is Howard number two is Stanford number one is MIT I will talk about each of them a little bit now. 1. University of Oxford The number